Free shipping over $175 AU only

Live Sale Rules

Live sale rules will be updated periodically as we become more experienced with live sales.

Live sales will be held weekly on Friday nights. 

Please wait until item is shown and then placed on its numbered square before saying claim to give everyone a fair chance at buying. 
First comment on our screen to claim the item once it’s been placed down gets that item.

please note Facebook sometimes hides comments and we have no control over this when it occurs. 
If anyone requests to see an item in particular they will get first option to buy or pass before it’s available to everyone else. We cannot accommodate swaps during the live sale. Any changes can be made after the sale. 

Invoices will be updated to the website the following day in the “others and live sale invoices” box. 
Alternatively you can send us your email for PayPal payment, or direct bank transfer is also acceptable, details at the bottom of the web site. 
After pay, Zip pay. Latitude pay, PayPal and credit card are all available on the web site. 
We also accept payment in store via Eftpos and credit card. Cash also is acceptable if you’d like to pop in to collect your order and save postage. 
This pick up option is also available at the check out on the Web site. 
In house laybuy is also accepted, (please refer to laybuy policy’s in the terms and conditions) 

Payments need to be made by the following Monday, any non payment will result in all stock being put back on the shelf. 

Share prize is drawn the following day and currently is 10% off your next order. Must be used within 14 days. 

Share prizes can be won by anyone who shares the live stream publicly, there is no condition to buy during the sale. 

Buy prize is subject to anyone who buys crystals or other products (excluding crystal confetti) during the live sale. 
competitions/games are free to enter but do not include postage, however items can be added to your existing order. 
Invoices are to be paid in full by the following Monday night and the buy prize will be drawn only for those who have paid that evening. 
We intend to add fun and new games to each live where prizes can be won by buyers in the show. Game and competition prizes are subject to anyone who buys anything during the live sale (excluding crystal confetti) and must be paid for within 72 hrs. 

**PLEASE NOTE** I intend on supporting other business during my lives sales as I do in store by helping sell their products too. Both Buy and Game prizes are subject to buying products by Crystal Vibes and Energy only not other brands as I don’t make little to no profit on these items,

Thankyou for your understanding. 

During the lives the first comment to appear on our screen saying “sold” or “claim” and the price wins the items. 

Free postage is not offered on confetti scoops alone but can be put together with your order. Price of confetti does not contribute to free postage, $175 spent on crystals and any other product (except confetti or other brands) will get you free postage, (under 5kg) please refer to terms and conditions for further shipping details. 

Rules are subject to alterations as time goes on and we tweak details of the live sales. 

We hope you all enjoy the sale as much as we will 🔮🙏