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Common Questions

Will I receive the same crystal in the picture?

Yes!!! We will only take and post pictures of the exact same crystal your buying. There’s nothing worse then buying a beautiful crystal online only to receive something different. Unless I’ve posted a group of things like tumbles, and this will be clearly stated in the description. 

Are they ethically Sourced?

We Source only the best crystals from around the world and endeavour to do everything possible to only bring you ethically sourced crystals.  


Why is my crystal a different colour?

Please be aware because of lighting their appearance can vary from the images shown and they may contain small caves or inclusions. Returns and exchanges are not accepted based on crystal characteristics. 

Are these crystals Natural? 

Most of our crystals for sale are natural crystals, if we are selling anything man made or dyed this will be very clearly explained in the description. 

Quality control?

Ive loved crystals my entire life, I’ve bought many over the years and I’ve seen a lot of fakes out there. Rest assured that I will NEVER advertise and sell you a fake crystal, if I’m ever unlucky enough to be stung myself I’ll be using that crystal as an example to customers of what to look for.